Be clear of what you can and can’t expect from the therapy. Some people think of a stem cell therapy as a panacea that is going to miraculously cure everything and everybody and that is simply not right. Dr Gonzalez is very careful not to over-promise. His recommendations are based in his previous experience with other patients to predict what is going to happen with any given patient or condition. At IMC we are committed to transparency and honesty so when we are accepting a new condition to be treated, it is openly discussed and stated.
The basic idea of this treatment is to slow down, and sometimes reverse the aging process in our body. As you know, everybody has -according to his or her genetic load and environmental exposure- different ways of aging based in the organ or systems that are affected first . For some people it is the eyes (macular degeneration), for some it is the brain cortex (dementia) or other parts of the brain (Parkinson’s). Some people the joints are attacked (arthritis); others the immune system is defective (autoimmune conditions); sometimes it is an organ like the heart, kidneys or the liver that is aging due to a particular or added condition that speeds up the aging process like diabetes, smoking or alcohol abuse.
Why do we say this treatment slows down or reverses in some degree the aging process? Because of that we explained before that Dr Gonzalez Method involves making it possible for the body to have available: HTPSCs, growth factors, immune system modulators and hormones the same way you had when you where a lot younger and healthier.
So, when you understand the nature of the therapy, you know what to expect and from that I can tell you from many years of experience that most people are satisfied with the outcome of the treatment.
The other issue I’d like to address is that in our clinic we often see very difficult and sometimes hopeless conditions that are challenging where the success rate is and when you see them face to face is hard to reject. One of my missions in life is to bring hope where there isn’t any and more then once the treatment has surpassed my own expectations so I decided not to be in between my limited knowledge and the patient chance for a possible benefit.